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Aladdin vs Jasmine Complex

Growing up the original Disney's Aladdin was one of my favorite movies. As a matter of fact, it still holds a position in my top ten favorites of all time. I had the privilege of seeing the remake and both of these movies moved the realization I had about myself. I recently realized that I identify more with Aladdin from the movie than I do Jasmine. And this realization took me on an adventure to step into my Jasmine.

Aladdin is the character that has a good heart and is just trying to get by. He believes the best in himself and that he was meant for more, despite being called a street rat and feeling like he has to steal to survive. When it comes down to it though, he doesn't feel worthy of what he truly wants unless he's able to be someone else. His kind heart and good intentions aren't the assets he relies on to win the better life he dreams of from his rooftop hideaway. He believes the only way to win the love of his life and a life he can love is by striving and pretending.

Jasmine on the other hand knows who she is and her value from the beginning. She's fighting to get everyone else to see it; and isn't afraid of ancient laws or scary, manipulative Jafar that stand in her way. She stands up for what she believes is right and has a healthy idea of how she should be treated as a woman and a wife. Her attraction to Aladdin throughout the entire movie lies in the fact that he believes in her ability; and that she should be able to see more, do more, and be seen as more simply because he admires who she is as a person. She is actually turned off by his egoism and pomp.

In the end, Aladdin's facade is taken from him and he has to face telling everyone the truth. His worst fears from his recent past are placed right in front of him. Only through facing them and becoming better despite them, does he really end up gaining every single one of his dreams.

Had Jasmine been a woman easily swayed by charm and good looks, and had she not been so sure-footed and confident in who she is and how she should be treated, Aladdin would have never been forced to face his truths and reform himself. I think one of the most beautiful things about this movie is the fact that Jasmine doesn't marry Aladdin because she has to in order to be sultan. She marries him because she knows that he stepped into his true identity and he has always believed in hers.

I can totally relate to Aladdin. Wanting to be everything for everyone at different times. Feeling the need to constantly strive and transform my world in order to gain what my heart is telling me I was designed for and making too many mistakes along the way to keep track. Which only seems to reaffirm the need to strive and pretend and transform.

What is inspiring and interesting, however, is that in recognizing my relatability to Aladdin I was able to explore who I would look like as Jasmine. If I were Jasmine then I would believe in myself and my cause. If I were Jasmine I would not worry about the approval of others more than I worried about what was good and just and true. The truth about me is that I am caring, confident, and adventurous. And just because I want the best for people doesn't mean I have to be pushed over by them or even allow them to continue lying to themselves about their own reality. And the most beautiful part about stepping into my Jasmine is that in being comfortably me it will push people to realize the Truth about who they are, as well.

My desire is for everyone to realize their Jasmine and confidently step into who they were created to be. We may not be princesses of a kingdom, but we still get to decide how we live out our truths. And that's pretty powerful. So here's to your designed truth and fully exploring what that means!

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